“Ode to the Human being in all of us”!

When you think of what you’ve done in the way of activity try to be content,

Why yes,it’s easy for me to say that,it’s easy for him you know,and I’m not the cement .

No,I’m just a human being,just trying to explain what that means to me,

As much as I might point a finger at you,why there are three giant phalanges pointed straight back in my face.

Oh no,I write not to preach,not to impeach,but to teach and inspire ,and tell about my failings as well as my successes,

For in the telling of these life events,you may extract the kernel of a working truth that you might use,so as not to confuse.

Now,I’ve not accumulated riches,or material food stores a plenty,I just know that I need food,clothing ,and shelter,

These things I share as a human being with folk and animal kind.Now,I reckon that folk might think that a little foolish.

There is no law against them thinking what they like,as our country protects freedom of speech,and that is something I love,

No,I like to be me,I know that I have capacity to love,to work,to listen,to create,to debate but not hate,to be a HUMAN.
Nothing is that bad in my life,and many things are truly wonderful,

I have helped people as best I can today,and they have helped me.
Thank you.


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