“My crystal silence”!

I walked in the crystal silence that this my morning,

With minus temperature scolding me ,but inviting me to feast .

This sound,made hollow by the leafless trees,by the vibrations of nothing,

But ,although cold,I’m alive,my breathe meshing with the ambient air.

Can I imagine that this day will mark my way,that’s not what I say,

Clearly,as the crystal silence walks with me,my hopes are that I will learn my way.

When we are not certain,the cold tends to galvanise us,we do ,we ,by instinct protect,

We make a fire,the scout or guide in each of us to survive in the human soup of us.

As the days of advent become a sketch,as children manifest excitement for the fest,

We must keep their nest warm,we must ,we must,we must.

So tending our nests,we must feed,we must build with materials that insulate from the cold,

But,sayeth the preacher:”Thou  will reap what thou have sown”.

So,in the building of a nest among the crystal silence remember you ,yes,you there with a personal pronoun,

Remember your worth on this cold day,remember that you deserve to be insulated,remember that you deserve to be :LOVED!


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