“One small act of kindness” !

Sometimes,the thought of sharing appears a bridge to far,what with the cost of living,our own needs,or the needs of our immediate family.So,we might conclude,that we don’t have anything to share with anyone,and so this time of the year could depress us somewhat.

As much as all those factors might well be true ,when we think about it,we all have something in our life that we might share each day of our life.Why,the couple oppositions me who always say hello with a smile and a “how are you”.That,to me,is very I,portent,as it lifts me.There is a young man who works at my local shop and he is always asking how I am if the que isn’t too long,we have a chat about music,his college course,and I go away with my eggs,and bread-and in past visits,with my chocolate bar-feeling happy.

Then there are those who ask after my dogs enquiringly as to their welfare,that is sharing to me at least.So ,at this time of the year,sometimes,a smile,a holding the door for someone is a act of kindness with no real motive other than kindness.

Yes,there are levels that of kindness I suppose,and that’s where it’s hard at this time of year when those levels of kindness can be interrupted in terms of just how much money is spent on the person.To me,it is the thought that truly counts,Just the thought that someone has exclusively thought of us and given us their full attention,that is oh so good to me at least.
This time of year,I feel that musicians play a great role in the lives of others.Why,think of all the Christmas music that we all enjoy,and the role that these people have played in the lives of the hearers.

So,if your out and about today maybe you can share just one small act of kindness,and be a force for the good.


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