My Sunday stroll in the Forest!

This Sunday has seen bright sunshine illuminating my Dorset town today,exciting my senses,penetrating the inner man as it were.Having got out for a walk at lunchtime,I found the temperature of one degree maybe wth a wind chill of minus five degrees and or so.As the frosty crunch of the leaves echoed from the sole of my walking boot to my ear,I did wake up ,with my spirit being lifted after an hour or so.

These forestry commission walks around where I live offer a tranquil place for exercising the dogs and also as a retreat from the stresses and strains of life.With the whole town being surrounded by the forest,it really is a bolthole to me.Granted,it’s different from my spiritual home in Cornwall,but it clearly has ffected me for the good over the years.Both of my sons love coming back ,walking in these forests,getting away from the pressures of their lives too.

Such a simple thing as walking is,it does rejuvenate,it recharges our batteries and gives life a more balanced perspective.Yes,there are time constraints for all us,but just being able to venture down its lanes,meandering aimlessly at times is a great muse of itself.

Over the years,I’ve taken all our dogs there and you get to know fellow owners and there is a sort of familiar community here.Although the temperature wasn’t really mild today,there was still the feeling of being at one with nature and just sharing the space with the animals and birds,it just was such a good time.

As I walked today,I thought of the good things of living near the country,and I felt extremely grateful.That gratitude isn’t a self righteous one,it’s just the fact that I have access to the countryside and I’m quite determined to enjoy it for what it is.

Thank you for reading about my Sunday .



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