Music Shared!

Today,I shared music ,I learnt from others,and I wanted to record this in my blog post for today.You see,when you have been a musician all your life,it’s all too easy to think that you can’t learn anything new from the process of listening,Well,that isn’t the case,and just can’t be.

We musicians listen with our critical ears,and we make conclusions with those ears,but that is never the end of the story.As the  sounds are put together by the artist,and as they are interpreted by them,there then evolves an inner sense of  beauty that isn’t always easy to define,It has everything to do with feelings ,and how the elements of the fused elements affect us .When another person is moved in a way that we might not get ourself,then we can stop the analytical obsessions that I know I suffer from,and just live with the feelings of the emotions.,As music is ,and always will be,a subjective construct that opinion is never exactly the same,and that difference of listening experiences is a beautiful thing in itself.

Listening r played no music on our own is e joy able to a great degree,and I have spent many hundreds of hours in this muse,However,the communion of others,of their insight evokes a special ,totally human experi nice that gets right to our guts.To me,it’s a feeling that I wish that I could bottle,I really do.This place,this sharedness is the stuff of life to me.

As I remember sitting in concert halls,before with other people who feel music is a joy beyond compare.My joy is an ndqnt,and I’m never going to tire of this feeling,and I would encourage anyone to share the musical experience as a shared feeling in their life.

Thank you for your attention and please continue to enjoy your listening.


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