Empathy !

When you put yourself in the shoes of another,then things happen,

It’s surprising that you begin to see another view,another way.

Operating as we often do in our own space has benifits,but not truly happy ones,

It’s when we share ,we pool of strengths, our joys and passions,that the true sum.

Being an island might be a temporary fix,but never a default because we need one another,

As life gets complicated,protracted and difficult,it’s so vital that we aren’t tempted to smother others.

They need to be involved,they along with us,need that connection,and we all fair better when we are engaged,

That alertness to others,that empathy is surely an emotional lubricant to foster a readiness to learn and gauge.

With the awareness of another’s beating heart comes the responsibility to respond to them,to make energy,

At this time of the year,why not make this Advent and event to neutralise our emotional impediments.


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