Music for all!

I have thought today about why I listen to different musical genres,and why I can’t always concentrate on one without being inquisitive about the others.You see,music to me isn’t ever about one aspect,one direction,one explanation as it were.Its essence ,to me,is subjective,and this is what makes it so interesting.If I were to lose my love for these multi genres,then I would be half the person that I am.Music,to me,is a banquet of the finest dishes from around the world.It is multicultural,and I want to co-habit with all.

Yes,it’s true that some of us have had privileges where by we have been able to study music at a higher level,but that doesn’t mean that the only music worth giving our attention to as musicians must be classical.To me,that really marginalises so many people,and is totally unhelpful.No,it’s better to give people a wider diet of culture,give them access to different styles.

Yes,it takes co-operation among people,and a readiness to make things happen,to make them work,to give out to others so that music becomes our shared culture.Whenever we are open to the cultures of all then we can at least hope that further generations will reap the benifits in the end.Yes,it takes huge efforts for musicians and it might mean more out reaching on the part of our niche musicians too,but it will be worth the effort.

As I write this,I would love our country to get to grips with music and our shared culture.We don’t have enough concert halls,or orchestras,and we don’t have enough orchestras,and the lack of government support to our musical institutions is painful.

Also,with proposed legislation being passed through  parliament to outlaw internet ticket touts,we should get far less inflated prices for those who want to listen to their favourite bands.

Music must be for all persons,and access to all musicicao genres is essential too.


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