Lost in sand!

Those footprints told their own story,but the yellow sand had steaks of blood in them grains. Terry knew that it either would have had to have been him or Dave,the feud had never been settled,it was always there.Little did they both know that a fledging friendship formed in the streets of Mile End would end in a knife fight 20 years later on a beach in Newquay,but they were never Ines to follow the script.

Their paths met,as was so often the case in a show of strength,authority and respect in their manor.There’s wasn’t a deprived childhood,or so they thought,there’s was how it was.Terry was quick witted,quite a comedian,popular with the girls and knew it.Terry wasn’t ever in trouble,but caused it.On account of his height ,that of almost 9ft,that being imposing for a 12 year old,and extremely rare,bordering on weird.Terry had class,he just knew when to appear,and when to disappear,that almost sixth sense for when trouble was about to start.Terry never set out to be looked up to,but there was a dark side to Terry’s family that people knew about,but didn’t dare talk about round his road.You see,Terry’s dad was in prison,Dartmoor in fact.Now,you got taken there for serious stuff,not for knocking a cat or a loaf of bread.No,Terry’s dad had been “a fixer”.That word,all be it with the indefinite article a as a connective still sent all in the area for cover at the mention of his name Brian Price.It had happened when Terry would have been six or seven,and Terry’s mum kept watching her son for signs for his Dad’s changeable ways.When Brenda had met him,he was charm itself,and he had wooed her and courted her to the point that she had no real idea of what his real life was.Trouble was,in their part of London,there was always dodgy stuff going off as the docks were still fully operational,and Brenda put down so much of Brian’s stuff to the area.It was easy come ,easy go,and everyone were at it,it was just that some,of which Brian was at the top end of the food chain,were in it up to their necks.

Brenda had kept quite a lot of the real detail of Brian’s criminal activities from Terry because she was desperate to keep her boy out of trouble.She knew that Terry didn’t really buckle down to school that much,and it bothered her that he never did any homework as such,but he never bunked off school though,and his appearance was always immaculate.So,all in all,Brenda didn’t really feel that she could do anymore and she busied herself with her life and just made the best of it.

Over the years,Brenda struggled with the visiting to Dartmoor,and the whole place in Princetown was like a lunar landscape to her.In the initial years,she tried to visit on a regular basis,but Brian changed after the court case and imprisonment.It was a tough time for any woman to bring up children on the own at the best of times,but when your husband is in Jail,it can be so hard,and so very lonely.

Brenda was known for her bubbly personality,and the dances and visits to the pub on a Saturday night were highlighted gets to her.It wasn’t that she set out to meet other men,it just happened,but with Brian,he had his spies ,and Brenda had totally underestimated his network of contacts who would keep him informed of his wife’s whereabouts.

Her next visit to Dartmoor would scare her out of her life.


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