My ever surprise response to music!

I’ve come back,returned to this topic if you like as if by virtue of my own accidental feelings.What I mean to say is this,I was playing  these Christmas carols,or ,to put it another way,some arrangements of carols,when I came over quite melancholic.Although it didn’t bother me as such,it interested me just why I would be sad when I had just played some rather jolly tunes on the Piano.Sometimes ,an investigation of my own feelings might reap results that I hadn’t quite imagined,or that surprised me to say the least,however,tonight I was drawn ,as an antedote to these feelings ,to the pursuit of Jazz improvisation.

Turning the lights gets off,I played some music that was inspired by other improvisations from the ECM jazz stable of tunes and it grabbed my attention .To say that it suddenly made me feel better-or to be exact,not sad,-wasn’t really the case,however,it helped wth my perspective on the matter.After all,because other people might feel happy when they hear carols,it doesn’t mean to say that I should automatically feel the same way.

As I reflect on the way music sometimes makes me feel,I am ,at times,very careful it and these feelings,but I know that I’m not on my own.Music is my therapy,and my escape,it just still surprises as to its affect on me.

This has been my favourite of all the Christmas songs that I have played this year ,and I feel that is has a profound message.

Thank you for your patience in this rather vague post and for indulging me.



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