“Listen to the music”!

Tonight,I heard the sounds of my teenage years ,I heard them,loud and clear,

If my profession tells one story about my music,my teenage years tell another.

Why,when I should have been studying Bach,was I trying to master a Steely Dan track?

When caught in the church playing Johnny be good,and scolded for it,why was I surprised?

It’s just that when we are teenagers,we have our own music,we just do,and we ,or I, relive those years,

Those years of the carefree existence,the lack of responsibility,the “What would others think times”just weren’t there.

Why,my teenage years are summed up in the song:”Listen to the music”,by the Dobbie Brothers,

All thorough those years,I grappled with western classical music,but,at the same time,I filled my boots with counter culture.
I’ve been called subversive,and maybe that’s true,

If not allowing the Polemics of others to affect what you compose or write,then ,yes,I’m guilty as charged.

As my 59 years of life have taught me,if you don’t get a reaction from yogurt art,then it isn’t art,it is merely wallpaper.


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