Right now,as I write this 1 million people are using Facebook to talk about George Michael.In my head,it reminds me of the day the world lost Michael Jackson as I remember that time vividly.When Michael died in the early hours of the morning,my son rang me to tell me ,such was the shock that we had lost a special person .Yes,we never met Michael Jackson,just as I have never met George Michael,but they touched me in ways that I must record in my blog post of today.That affect is ,to some,indulgent,but,to me,it’s totally and utterly natural.You see,when an expressive artists passes away,you sense a little of art passing away too.Why,the tributes from the illustrious that are pouring in will say things in a nuanced,articulate way but I will say it in my rather feral way.George Michael just was a soul man.When he sang,I felt something,I felt he was looking into me,my innermost feelings and massaging that side of me,and he did it ,I think,to literally millions of others.

Why yes,so what if he was the other half of Wham,so what if he might have started off singing pop songs,he certainly didn’t finish off like that.When he did his unplugged session,I rate that as one of the most well nderful sets in music ,and even today,there are colours,textures,phrases in his voice that are truly unique,and should be heralded.

Now,people wheel out their mantras of morality and make judgements,their polemics appearing to be given credence by others.Now,I remember what these “so called guardians of morality ” said about Presley,Bill Hailey and so many many others,but they didn’t make my life better.Those critics didn’t add one iota to my life and that is the point,George Michael made our life Better.He feed us with his music,he gave us balm that healed us of our maladies and Sid “it’s alright to cry,to feel,to be different,to be You”.

RIP. George Michael,you will be sadly missed by all whose heart beats with a soulful and human sound.


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