It’s cold outside!

It’s cold outside:well,at least,it’s cold outside for me that is.This feeling of cold stems from a brief trip into my garden this morning with my dogs.Boy,it felt cold,it felt like early mornings a number of years ago when I worked part time for Tarmac testing the strength of concrete after 23 hours ,and 7  days on up to a month.Anyway,in those days,I would leave my home at around 4:40 in the morning and ,at this time of the year,it would be cold like it is today.

Those days ,along with so many others,were what I did when my children were in their teenage years and I was the sole bread winner .Yes,it was hard,as I would work there for 4 or 5 hours,then go off to school to teach keyboard and Piano,returning to the plant at times to do further testing of an evening.Through that time,my son played in a national orchestra,so it would be off to London once a month for rehearsal,and over to Winchester on the other weeks.When I look back on those years now,I don’t really know how I kept it gong,but I did.Its only now when I realise that my son has the making of being a truly world class opera singer that I realise that the sacrifices that I made were worth it.During this time too,my eldest son got to the University of his choice in London,and is now in research and obtained his doctorate this year.

So,a few days ago,I wrote a post about my aspirations for 2017.Yes,starting a GCSE Maths qualification might not seem much,and running in my first 10k race isn’t exactly Mo Farah,but,to me,they are big steps,and Ines that I’m willing to write about .You see,like a garment,life to me has many facets,and there are many facets to all of us.We are not just someone’s dad or someone’s son or daughter.Our personality has many facets,varying in intensity Yes,but they all make us up.

I’m indulging my goals from r 2017,,but you will have yours too,you will have your unique personality ,and that has as much merit as anyone else.Yes,I enjoy this process of writing my daily muse as I like to call it,but the there might have other things that they like to do.Whatever it is,it’s vital,at least I feel it to be the case,that we have someth no that is us and not a clone of another.

As I consider the cold outside,it does tend to galvanise me into thinking that I should get on and do my exercise for the day.

Thank you for reading my blog,it’s so very much appreciated.


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