Broadchurch to the music of Frederic Chopin!

As I thought about this Chopin prelude,I found myself lost between the phrases,

These notes,these textures,these interconnected melodies harness my soul.

Now,today during a walk on in beach at Westbay,the prelude entered into  my mind space,

Chopin has that power,that essence of genius,but also that spiritual dimension.

Will I ever fully grasp what he is saying?Will I ever appreciate it’s soul?

Well,at my age,having played his music since I was in my childhood,I won’t ever give up in trying,

No,my pursuit of my art will be until my dying day,my commune with Frederic will never die.

Walking along the  beach,the harbour,the sounds of Chopin were still there,they were percolating as always,

As the day lost its light,with an hours drive back to my home ,this Chopin Prelude accompanied me ,growing in my head.

If I ever stop loving music,maybe I think I will be a lesser man,a half man,a half human.


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