That pulse of the Earth,born from the spirit in us all,

Those messages from our hopes and dreams.

When we feel that lift in our voice,our hearts,our mouths,

Why,we “sing for Joy”,we reach for the stars.

It doesn’t cost us much in pounds,shillings and pence,

Maybe it draws on our memories,our thoughts,our intentions.

This thing called Joy that we all have within us to be “half -full”,

Can it ever be that we miss the joy of life?

Maybe,but for a moment,through illness,loss or sorrow,we wrap,

We don’t mean it,it’s just there,it happened,we lost a loved one,a friend,a confidante.

No-one wants us to lose our Joy for life,but if it should threaten that we feel it slipping,

If it just dissipates a little,then by all means cry,weap,howl if you have need.

You see,it doesn’t mean that you are totally Joyless,just as the dying embers of a warm fire ,Joy can be reignited,rejuvenated in the right emotional soil,

Why a smile,a touch,a warm glance,a kind warm,these can all act as firefighters to rekindle our joy.

Look out for them in your life,as they are there,look for the people in your life that bring you joy and look after them for they are your emotional compass North.

Nite ,nite.



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