Note to myself!

It’s dark out there,so go careful won’t you?

It’s dark out there,so just remember to take extra care.

Those things we say to ourselves,that others say to us,

They add up ,they add up,they add up.

It’s dark out there,said the mother to her school bound child,

So wear something bright ,won’t you,yes,that white scarf.

It’s dark out there today,it’s dark out there today,

Better watch out what you say,what you say,what you say,

Those battles fought by many with anxieties spelling depression.

It’s dark out there today,with light not coming that soon,

It’s when I see better,it’s when everyone sees better.

So don’t deny others their light,don’t ever stop burning bright,

If we can’t change the light of others,we can affect our own.

Look after yourselves today eh!


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