Sharing what we have!

This picture from a shop in Newquay caught my eye recently,and it did so because of its basic humanity.Its such a simple thing,a rack of coats outside ,but it’s intent is to quietly offer something to our collective society.It touched me when I saw it,and I wonder if,at times,in this world where the big grand jesture is often out of reach to most of us,and we feel marginalised from actually doing anything tangible to help that this coat rack could fill an actual need.
We all have needs,that is what we are as humans.Non of us can continue to live isolated lives,devoid of support from others really,but we sometimes try too hard to give off that impression that we must always cope.
If the coat rack outside that shop is a metaphor for life at times,isn’t it true that we all need to be emotionally warmed up,we all need kindness,consideration,respect,care and love.However,we can,and we do,give kindness,show respect,care and love,and for that reciprocal thing to happen in life it might only take one simple as act of kindness.

As we approach Lunchtime,let’s remember those who serve us,who care for us,who put themselves out for us.

Yes,this picture that from the caption is self explanatory is my blog post for today,and I thank you for taking part of your day out to read it.



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