This Saturday morning has ignited my senses!

Today here in my Dorset town,the weather ,all be it,taken in through the glass of my bedroom window,looks inviting.With blue sky overhead,and the naked trees in the background signalling that winter is indeed here.My impression of this morning is one of quiet,as the weekday commuters have a well deserved rest from the perils of simply getting to work with the industrial action on Southern trains that threatens to make the task of getting to work a major expedition.

So,the salient sound that I hear now is that of the birds doing what they do,doing it without fuss or bother,just being in their place.They have been doing this for generations,and the gardens and nearby forests where I live act as a sanctuary for them to thrive.Their songs make me feel good,and I try to play back their songs in my head,replaying the intervals that they formulate.Its an odd thing,but I never tire of it.Its like a favourite uncle,no-matter how many times they tell you stories from their childhood or formative years,you never really tire of hearing those stories.So with me,I never tire of hearing the birdsong where I live.

Overhead,the sky today is clear,and has a rich blueness to it that attracts my eye.These two senses of sight and sound are my main drivers this morning but just as I wrote that,I was reminded of my first cup of tea that is to the right of me.So,I really have had three of my senses ignited today.

There has been a light frost during the night manifested by a thin dressing of ice on the rooftops.So far this year,we have escaped any snow of note,but as an area,we have had our fair share over the years.During those times,it amazes me that the animals in the forest survive on the whole,and my heart goes out to them.Sometimes,humans use that word quite often when you ask them how the are,they say :”I’m surviving”.It seems sad to me that so many are on our news media as survivors of some terrible event in childhood and my heart goes out to them.Its funny that to many ,just to survive another day is their lot in life and my heart goes out to them.

So,today,as my senses have been satisfied ,I hope that my emotional senses can be too.We are not just physical agents of food,water and other matters of survival,we are humans with feelings wants and needs,and we all thrive when those needs are met.

Whatever your morning has been like,I sincerely hope that you can say that you are living today and not just surviving as I am very much living.

Thank you again for your continued patience as you rummage through my mind with the aid of my muse.

Have the best possible Saturday that you can have.



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