Ode to Parenthood!

From their first breathe,you worry!

You consult the non-existent manual,

You grope in the parenting maze within ut a torch,

You change nappies,feed them,talk to them,listen to them,

You see them off to their first day at school,their first show and tell,

You clap at their school concerts,you rush to the endless parents evenings,

You worry when exams arrive,biting your nails as results day arrive,

You ferry them to clubs,tris,and after school clubs,you just do,don’t you?

All the while you deal wth you own stuff,the pressure of making a living,

You laugh with them,cry with them,you take them to uni for one day,

You wonder:”Will they ever be good enough to make their dreams come true?”

You frantically wait for their A-level results,you wait,wait,wait!!!

Then,you worry about them,you take their anxiety ,you just do.

So,after two years,its results time,you go through it all again,you do,you do you do.

Through it all,you doubt yourself,but somehow they get through,somehow,they get those grades.

As the years go way,they graduate ,they achieve things in academia that you never did,but you still worry ,you do.

You see,no-one told you to stop worrying,no one did.

So even though they leave home and make their own way,you still love them profoundly,you are dad,your meant to take the strain.

So,where the bloody hell is that manual,do you know where it is?


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