The Clock Body!

It wakes me up at its normal time,that clock body of mine,

It wants to be fed,that clock body of mine,

It does a routine,more rigid than we know,that clock body,
Little do I know why it must tick in its body,

Maybe it has a special motion that I can’t perceive,

Maybe I don’t need to perceive its beat as it just does,
So,clock body,its Sunday if you know,it’s Sunday,

No need for an early breakfast,no need for that frantic run,

Just chill clock body,chill.
“I’ve served you well all these years,I got you to places,

My pulses and beats have worked a great,

So don’t tamper with their mechanisms,

Don’t miss a beat,don’t mess with the ticking of my clock”.
When I listen to my clock body,I tend to see it clear,

When I look after my health,then my clock body does the rest,

You see,I reckon that my clock body knows best.
So,listen to your clock body,it has served you well,

It gets you to places,it just does the business,

Feed that clock body,”tick rock,tick rock”!
Thank you ,


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