My moment!

So,I’m sitting down after a lunch of one of the 57 varieties of soup,minding my own business,when I get a tug at my trouser leg.Its one of my dogs who has decided that he wants his walk-sort of my fault for not taking him out this morning.So,the tugging continues in earnest ,followed by his litter mate deciding to indulge in a barking fest !!This continues until I aquese ,and I take them out.

So,I take them out on their walk and it’s cold ,it’s sort of drizzle as well.As we progress around our route-yes,I am a creature of habit -where they proceed to scent mark the whole of the bushes that they see.As I think I know that dogs tend to learn most of their stuff via smelling,I sort of take it all in my stride.Passing quite a collection of members of the canine family in  the Dorset town where I liv,I realise that my dogs have friends ,like dog friends,and I indulge their little foibles.So after quite a few Paws for thoughts as it were,we carried on with our walk.Bearing in mind,that by now,the drizzle was increasing in intensity and I was beginning to get a move on.

After yet another pause in the constitutional,in what felt like an age,one of my dogs turned to me ,and looking up to me he just looked so adorable at me that I just melted.Truly,in that moment,I had forgotten that they hadn’t been that well behaved at all,but it didn’t seem to matter.

It made me think that we are all affected by moments that bring us joy in life,it might be a picture at a gallery,a piece of music,a smile,a kind word.In fact ,the list is endless if we seize the moment.

So whatever the Latin is for seize the moment :Lets do it,lets savour the good we have in life always.


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