The value in not always knowing!

When asked profound questions of a political or theological nature,I often have to say that I don’t know the solution.Now,that ,to many,is a sign of weakness,causing them to blag and bluster.But think on this if you will:What do you think you want to value most in a human being,let alone a teacher?Is it not their humility,their modesty and their honesty.
Yes,it would be great if I did have an u derstanding of these big themes ,but it’s never good to pretend,leaving people to rely on your well intentioned opinions,but not genuine solutions.Yes,saving face,embarrassments are all issues that we all face,but they should all be sacrificed really for the integrity of our dealings with our fellow man.

Take me,for example,I have a speck of talent for music,and that talent has allowed for me to teach the Piano and has done so now for over 35 years.However,at school,I struggled with Maths  and I never passed my o-level,or,for that matter,the old CSE either..Now,at the age of 59,I am taking steps to rectify that and I have been honest with the people who know me.Also,I have honest with m y pupils too.Now,I don’t detect anyone belittling me,rather I feel their support and they want to help me when they can to achieve this qualification.

You see,I know I achieve the small things in my life,but others value me for the person I am,and for the good I do for them.I do not have the solutions,but I do have some of the lubricant of life to love people,to show kindness to me,to inspire them with my love f the arts.

So,as a new day enfolds,I’m happy as much with my lack of knowledge as I am with my sage advice in subjects where I do.

Thank you.


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