Awake from Slumber.

By just taking out the traffic that normally streams past my house,it frees up my mind to listen to the morning calls of Mother Nature as a new day begins.As their songs herald a conversation in the trees,my Sunday morning beckons too.When that first cup of tea soothes the taste buds,when the side light supports your eyes,you start to force yourself to move out of slumber into action.

Sometimes ,as I have often had conversations with my teenage pupils about the concept of “the duvet day”,I know that I haven’t always got why there is a need to stay in bed when you are awake,and it is something that I accept is their feelings on the matter.Lets be frank,if they want to stay in bed until late,it isn’t a mark of their being right or wrong,it’s just how they feel.

Sometimes,as now,I might open the back door and just listen to the sounds that permeate through from outside as they seem real to me.Truthfully,I find the sounds of our gardens of a Sunday such a comfort.

Well,in many ways,it’s good that I do,as this relationship between my hearing and my mind has been a wonderful constant throughout my life and it fuels so many of my thoughts.Just as artists who are fuelled by light and colour get energised by it ,so much so ,that they have to paint ,well,I get a similar sensation with the early morning onset of these garden sounds as I like to call them.

Do they relax me?Why yes,I never break off from listening feeling more stressed or agitated,but rather,I feel a wave of peaceful emotion and I liken it to times when I have had a nightmare and then I have woken up and then eventually music comes into my head and I feel better,that peaceful release.

So,these are my thoughts,my personal muse on this Sunday morning before the day begins.

Here is hoping that your day might be energised by something peaceful,something that touches you.

Thank you.



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