Close encounters of a feline kind!

My laziness got the better of me yesterday,allowing me to pass on walking up to my local convenience store to purchase washing up liquid.So,on this Monday morning,with dishes piled to the false ceiling,it was judgement day and I just had to take that not so long walk.

My dogs looked at me as if I were the living dead at 7 in the morning,signalling that they had no intention of being my companions at arms as it were.So,while it was still technically dark,I gingerly opened my front door with a motion like a sprinter who had just false started.So,trying again to engage the lock ,I finally got out of the house to walk up to the shop.As I traversed across my gravel drive way,I spy a different creature perusing my every step.Yes,my neighbours cat was starring at me with those knowing eyes of hers.In that examination of me,in that second,nay ,that Nanno second she had summed me up with her gaze.You see,Mary and I have history,or should I say that one of my dogs and I have history.Mary ,that specimen of feline superiority wasn’t at all nervous by my tread,and my cadence was dismissed by her as if I were just another inconvenience to ignore.

In fact,Mary never let anyone get the better of her.Since the passing of Mr Buzz,who we had adopted following my nephew moving to France to work,Mary had become the queen ,monarch if you like of the community here.In a way,I liked to think that Mr Buzz had a hand in her training and in an odd way,I rather like these odd occurrences where Mary acknowledges that I’m that dog owner next door.

So,I continue on my way to the shop ,but as I go,I wonder about Mary,or,as she is now affectionately called in this little enclave “Mary the murderer”,or to be exact “Mary the murderer of other poor specimens.She has a bell,but she is most adept at moving in a way that doesn’t cause alarm.To be honest,I think Mary might be cleverer than my dogs,but I can’t prove it.

Well,that was my brush with Mary .It was short and sweet,but I doubt that it will be my last encounter.So,as the birds are singing high up in the trees that festoon our drive,I hope that they are on the alert for a rather canny felling with the death stare.


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