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I’m positive I want to be healthy,

I’m positive I need to be healthy,

I’m positive that I heard it said ,

I’m positive that I think too much,

I’m positive ,I’m positive,I’m positive.
So,all this being positive,where did it come from?

From me,from others,from the knowledge lifestyle gurus?

I’m positive I didn’t  know,

I’m positive that I won’t know,

I’m positive that maybe I don’t need to know.

We are bombarded by well meaning,and not so well meaning folk imploring  us to be positive,

Well,imperatives are rarely as real as they are made to seem,

Politicians talk in imperatives,ideals that today are wonderful,but tomorrow the diatritus of used chip paper news.

So,I’m positive about ONE thing,and that is “I will be me”


As the birds sing their counterpoint outside the window,it’s mid morning,and she nging is in the air.When will think about it,music fills most people’s lives far more than they would realise.As a percentage of the day,I like to think that nture’s music,as well as the composed music of my fellow man occupies a percentage of mine.Yes,of course,if we were to fed up a percentage of time,it might not equate to too much,but the affect of their song ,and their presence in ur gardens up and down the country surely chimes in a positive way for all of us.
We can’t always measure he value of things until we don’t have them.This was brought home to me when I had a stay in hospital last year.As I had grown used to the birdsong in my garden,and had often commented on it when writing my daily muse,it struck me that I had sorely missed these birds ,their presence,and their jest just to exist.Their industry,and their intention to nest build,to perpetuate their kind,but always,it seemed to me,to do this with a joyful song,and it was a huge hole for that two week period.

One thing f the nurses that looked after me so well,he would say that the birds had been singing,as he knew that I liked to know,and it sort of comforted me,and acted as a spur to my recovery.So,as I did recover,it became my goal to get to walk just enough to get into the grounds of the hospital in Bournemouth where I knew I could hear the birds.

Yes,while it’s true that we don’t have to lose something’s no to appreciate it,it surely does galvanise us into appreciating one of life’s true pleasures.

Thank you for your attention to my muse for today.

I’m told that there are so many different varieties of Snowdrops a foot in the gardens of our “Green a pleasant land”.

As this will come as no surprise to readers of my blog,my knowledge of these varieties wouldn’t surpass that of a grasshopper,but I love the Snowdrops that are out in my garden now,and felt the urge to take a photo on my I-pad by way of my testimony to them.
As the evening light bids me farewell for another day,I’m grateful for just being able to have some modicum of appreciation for nature and all it’s wonders.

As the spring is now warming up in the wings,it will be my desire to post some more pictures of flowers as they bring me delight and hopefully to you too.

Thank you.


Morning Light!

As the illumination ,the sight lines of real light start to take over the artificial,it seems like a change is in the air.When we are all preoccupied ,we don’t notice it,we don’t register it,but today,I have.From the window of the bungalow,I am affected by the light,even though the clouds exist in their structures,I can still live in the light.

When our day has some concept of light,all be it for a fraction of the day,then we feel a sense of direction,purpose,and movement.Sometimes,that movement might stall,but we are,at least,aware of our existence through the metaphysical light ,and we play with it through our moods.My moods can be affected by the light,and I reckon quite a few folk are similar.

So,as I sit here in repose as it were,I’m pleased for the early onset of spring light as it picks me up and with a gentle nudge,helps me to get into a forward gear to move.When we feel a certain forward momentum,then it can act as a restorative implant of positivity in us.If we have a lifting of mod,however slight,that can really help us to guard against a complete malaise .

Sometimes,as I have today,I wake up quite early at say 6,and I have a store of seascapes that I look at on my computer,and I look at them,and they shed colour into my mind.Yes,they are not a panecea,but the change of mood,projected in these scenes,helps me,at least.

So,this is my muse for today,and I am ever grateful for the ability and time to be able to post it.

This scene u derneath is from Watergate bay near Newquay in Cornwall and it is one of my go too scenes.

Thank you Kernowsmith.

Is it time to Woman up!

Just a thought that I’m putting out there,if us men always complain -and I know I can-when we have a virus,then why do we say “Manup”,when we then call it “Manflu”?
Growing up with sisters,I learnt that you just got on with it,and I didn’t not remember the preponderance of cold and flu relief medicine that we are now bombarded with now.
I’m reasonably stoical,but I never remembered my sisters having a day off work ,they just carried on,and this was in stark choice ntrast to my step father who would spend periods when he seemed to be permanently on the sick.

Yes,the type of work does indeed impact on our ability to perform certain tasks,and my step father liked to portray himself as the “strongest man in the man”,a dubious crown indeed in retrospect.

So,my muse today as I am feeling sorry for myself with a virus ,”Manflu” or the like.
Maybe I should just Womanup!

Holiday Postcript!

As the waves from Kimmeridge danced their motion in the afternoon sun,I reflected that my holiday has all been about movement,from the movements of my body as it jogs along the beach,to the opening and closing of the shutter of the camera as it is expertly guided into expert shots of pastoral,landscape,and action scenes.

As the day said goodbye to the Isle of Purbeck,I thought just how lucky to live within such a short distance from some of the most beautiful scenery that. I have ever seen.Its like the vistas we’re talking to the people,even yesterday as storm Doris day did it’s worse and insisted that we sit up and pay attention.

The dogs were -and yes,I’m totally biased-so good,and their conjoined characters ,at times,melted me .There is something quite decadent-or foolish maybe-in eating ice-cream just before spring as if to say,I know the weather will improve soon,and that was also a great thing.Just being able to get to a place unto your own steam ,without the aid of the internal combustion engine really does things to my soul.That feeling that ,mi matter how bad things might be on the world scene,my life has so much to offer.As my impressions of this holiday are purely my musings,I make no polemic on the Isle of Purbeck,but ,rather,I say that it sucks us Homo sapiens in,it has ,after all,been the entertainer of dinosaurs in its distance past.

Sometimes,holidays all too easily get subsumed into our busy lives ,or they get compared with other favourite destinations which tend to take the shine off things.It struck me today that comparisons are seldom useful as they fail sometimes to factor in circumstances.For example,I might have a bit of a talent for music,and I might have developed that over my decades of life.However,another person might equally love music, however that person might not have had the same circumstances in life and comparing that person with myself isn’t fair ,or helpful.This,I feel also holds good with places where each has its own plus points and attractions.Ive tried to think like this in my life.

My holiday has also been marked by the lighting and maintenance of a log fire.As,like most people,I live in a centrally heated house ,so the thought of starting and keeping a wood burner going for the week meant quite a seed change for me.Its simplicity meant that I felt that I was doing something that was practical for me.There was a feeling that life was going back to basics and I quite liked it.

As for the whole week,the car basically stayed in its car parking space for most of the time,I felt that I had been affected by the landscape probably more than I had ever done.

My postscript will ,of course,have additions that I might add as the days come.

My wave watching days will never be over,and I am glad for it .

Something good is in the air!

As the morning fog obscures the  trees in the background from outside my lounge window,I try to remember how they will look when their leakage appears once again in their renaissance.Its good when we can look forward to more pleasant climes,as the winter has that affect of depressing and compressing ,causing an internal lethargy that is often challeng no to break free from.This February day ,because of the shortness of this month,seems to signify that if we hold on,spring will be here.

Many have already noticed it,that is,those with a more sensitive ear to colours and pastoral scenes,I just have a feeling in the small of my stomach,You know ,that little positive part of our anatomy that says that things outside are changed no faith r the better,and that we have almost said goodbye to another winter.When I was a young boy,it would always be my gran’s mantra that she’s isn’t know if she would survive “any ther Winter”.It stuck in my mind,and it affected me,the way things are apt to do when we are young and impressionable.Although I never really articulated my anxiety about Grans words,I remember certain pieces of music have always affected me ,and through the phrases,melodies,and,m harmonies of that music,I sort of found a safe place by which I could express my feelings.

When I look outside,I know in my mind that the trees in the background are there really,but because I can’t see them clearly ,I listen to the birds that are perched in them.So,my reference point in the construction of my safe place is always sounds ,that is those manufactured by humans,or the sounds that exist in nature and in everyday life.These sounds -the sounds of voices,the words that are said by these voic-occupy a large percentage of what makes up me.

So yes,there is a fog outside my window this morning,but there isn’t a muting of sound ,it’s clear and distinct.Of course,for sounds to have any sense to us,we need a functioning mind.One such example of a “high functioning mind” was that if Ludwig van Beethoven,who,in later life ,suffered from acute deafness.This,however,didn’t affect the sounds in his mind,and he was able to craft together some of them greatest music ever composed.This,however,was the work of a genius a one in a billion .That said,the rest of us lesser mortals can begin to understand the extent to which our concept and u derstanding of the mind can really help us make sense of beauty in music and all the ramifications there of.

As a once again glance outside my window,the fog that was present before has lifted,and indeed the trees in the background stand resplendent in their positions exactly as they have been for the last 30 odd years since I have lived in this house,and I dare say will remain such.It got me thinking that some obstacles ,some problems,some difficulties are often like that fog,they appear to completely jam up our lives.The dynamic time that the morning fog persisted in my sight line appeared to last an eternity.However,in the round,in context as such,that fog was temporary rather like some of the stuff that we have to deal with in life.At the time we are going through it,it appears as if it would never change,never alter,never a light.However,as I observed that the fog had lighted,I saw those very birds that had been singing as the time that I have been writing my daily blog.Sometimes,I like to think that there are so many more positives in life ,so many more good people,but just like those birds that are really always there,you could take them for granted and take their beautiful songs for granted.

Please never take yourself and your unique song for granted,because that will be the starting point and from then you can establish that sense of appreciating other people and their worth because we all have worth and merit.We all have a place on terra firma.

Thank you for your interest in my daily muse.