Picking up my Pieces!

After my lessons just now,I visited our local supermarket to purchase a few groceries for the evening meal.As I didn’t have a list written out,I mentally ran over what was needed.All went well until I developed more than a passing interest in the background -if music could ever be that to me-music.

Now supermarkets don’t appear to employ DJs as such,so it seems to be a playlist that is used.Normally,their selections are tunes that are in the charts ,or they might be standards from yesteryear.So,my point is ,I’m aware of this music,but this afternoon was a different experience so much so that I completely forgot my mental list of the 6 or so things that would be needed for the meal today.So,why was this experience?In short,the music that was being played was in my teenage years,the coolest of Jazz funk/Jazz.Why,this tune took me back to my sixth form common room,and ,on one level I felt good,but on another level I felt  “my” music was being tarnished by this corporate supermarket.You see,I have this strong feeling that as a teenage,my generation had the coolest music.You know,at that time,those of us who thought that we had sophisticated musical tastes back then,why we listened to Weather report,Tangerine dream,Cream,Led Zeppelin,George Benson,Gill Scott Heron ,plus this band.As I picked up these Jacket Potatoes ,the bombshell hit me,they were playing ,in my opinion,the coolest of tracks of my pseudo sophisticated years:They were playing “Pick up the Pieces”,by AWB (Average White Band).Dropping the Jacket potatoes,being stared at by two elderly shoppers who probably thought that I had taken leave of their senses,I felt affronted.How dare they hijack our cool music,how dare they use the guitar playing of Mr Onnie  McIntire to peddle their BOGOF merchandise.!!!

So,I shuffle around ,listening to AWB on the one hand,and having a good talk to myself that ,on the one hand it was just a supermarket and to people at large,it was just background music.But,to me,it was my music you see,my sounds ,my space,my hype and happening !! It made me think that I still am a work in progress,and that I must adjust my thinking into not taking my life seriously.

So,on the one hand ,when I think about my shopping visit,I realise that music is still a vital part of my life and maybe yours too,but Non of us have manopoly on any genre and for the cost of a performing license in this country,well it’s open sesame.

So queuing up for a while,I paid for my 6 items of groceries,produced my oddly termed loyalty card ,and started the not so long walk to the supermarket.
Thinking that I had dealt with this cognitive issue quite well,smiling at a charity worker for a dogs charity I start to leave and then ,Bang: “Teardrops”, they had the nerve to play teardrops,one of my coolest tracks by Womack and Womack.!!!!!
Back to the Cognitive drawing board!!!!,


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