The listener!

From the first conscious sight of daily life,the listener seeks explanation,

They are nosey you see,they hear,then they try to interrupt what they hear.

From the breathless amateur jogger,to the wayward drummer,to listen,

Forging their friendships with the abstract,the background music,the ghetto blaster.

In communities far flung,listeners observe,they consume the sonic crack boom,

For in their world,that sound world,all noise is up for grabs:”What does it mean?”

Incased in their mind,their sound rails converge ar their Clapham junction,

“Give it a rest,will ya”,but no,not in the listeners world .

Their cosmos ,their solar system ,their white noise,when white heat falls into a black hole,

For sound to have charity,it has to have silence,silence. Silence. Silence.

So,you listeners,you know who you are,you who have an ear to pick up Naunces,feelings,who hear what is said,but what is omitted,listen up ,I tell you.

It’s not a thing where you have a career break being a listener,oh no,and you don’t get a day off,it’s what you are,your essence,your being,your insides.

Do you fancy yourself as a good listener?Do you think you are?

It’s like someone describing the,selves as humble,they rarely are,

So ,to,listening is a life long pursuit that you will strive for until your Dylan no breathe.

Come aboard ,all you would be listeners,the whole world needs more,and needs them more than ever.

Good luck,oh,and remember that old saying:”We have one ,outs,but two Ears”!


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