Catching up!

You don’t always associate a device with a relationship normally.Life can often be said to be about relationships,and that is the accepted norm that we would all ascribe too.However,with electronic devices I find that you can be having a conversation with someone ,and they can appear to be distracted by their phone ,or watch,or tablet.In fact,some of my pupils appear to be surgically attached to them.Conversations that were had in yesteryear that flowed quite well can often be interrupted by an alert,followed the “I’m sorry,do you mind if I get that phrase”.Of course,don’t we all say at this point :”Oh no,that’s fine,”or words to that affect.Its become part of our life that we feel that we must be able to be in contact all the time.Now,in my case,it might be my ego talking that I might like people to be in contact with me,or I am far more nosey than I would always care to admit.

We talk about checking our emails,or catching up,and I wonder just how faster life will get and how we can keep up with the onward propulsion of technology.As I have often said in my posts,I’m a Luddite,maybe not proud of it,but a, person who sees the value in the past .Now,by not embracing new technology ,it could accurately be said that we will get left behind in the global interconnected world that we now live in.There is,of course,some merit in this,and even with my rather old fashioned approach to living,I can see that.However,for a certain type of person who 30 to 40 years ago would have been co side red shy,a loner,a bit “different”,technology is a bit of a double edged sword.You see,if your inclined to be less able to interact with your fellow man ,then I worry that it is a distraction at best,and approaching a negative at the least.

So,it’s never simple our interactions with technology,and the shiny technology ,with catchy logos don’t tell the whole story of out journey that we are all on.To me,nothing truly beats a face to face interaction.As I spe

No time with teenagers ,it’s the thing that I truly believe in moving forward,that eye contact,that closeness to a living breathing person who we can see and gauge by their body language just where we fit into the whole framework,and where we can seek understanding of them,and them us.

Just throwing this out there.I just wonder how many conversations we 

Have missed out on because we were having a cheeky look at our phones or text messages or the like.I wonder,I wonder,I wonder.
That’s me for today.Off to work now.
Thank you for your indulgence into my world.


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