“We all need time to think”!

Along the South bank,scattered between the national cultural centres of the Royal Festival hall,the National Theatre,the National film theatre,Tate modern and the like I observed the vibrant throng of people.

When I first soaked up the South bank in the 1970s,the river was,to all intents and purposes ,a working river.Mow,it works as a tourist hub carrying people along its snake like meanderings and forming a bridge between North and South.

As I sat and listened to the buskers ply their wares,I felt the same connection to the place as when I would que to buy tickets for Ashkenazy,Pollini,and Karajan.

When my son sang in the Queen Elizabeth hall,it was one of the proudest days of my life,because the South bank carries a Jewell with it to least,a cultural diamond.

Along Its benches ,there are plaques carrying the phrase:”We all need time to think”,and although with the onset of the eye and the London Dungeon,it has become extremely busy,it still allows time for quiet contemplation.

Today,I thought of all the wonderful paintings I have seen,the truly mesmeric musicians,the great actors performing Shakespeare,Marlowe,Beckett,and Stoppard.Im a very lucky man.

Now,as a teacher,I try my best to inspire,but more so,I try to facilitate my pupils so that they will think and think through their life in order to fulfill their dreams and to live the best life that they can have .

London isn’t everyone’s cup of tea,and as I get older,it lovely to have a flying visit,but no more to be honest.

However,I feel that everyone deserves their space,their dignity and as humans ,we must afford the respect and time to think!

Thank you and goodnight.



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