“A tune just popped into my head”!

This morning,I’ve returned to a mind full of music in the form of the tunes that I’d heard as a very small child in my local cafe.As if by a form of sonic osmosis,I soaked up this music when I was say 6 or 7 and it surprises me by filtering through when I least want it too.Sometimes,people are asked what was their first 45″ that they purchased and I guess some of their responses have more to do with their ideal purchase in retrospect than the actual one they made.Why,we all I suppose feel the pressure of being sopshisticated.

So,exactly what music was in my head as I woke up this morning:As the popular music when I was 6and 7 would have boasted Presley,Holly,Beatles and the stones ,I would like to have named those greats,but also at that time,the country music of Jim Reeves Slim Whitman and Hank Williams were very much favourites among the clientele of the cafe in my Cornish village.Now,back then,those artists among my sisters generation were looked down upon as the “old foggy music”.But,those are the tunes that often come back into my head.Oddly enough,now at my age,I’m not that concerned wether others think that it’s fashionable ,as it’s not a factor that affects me.To me,if the music attaches itself to me ,then I think it’s done it’s job.

If I were to think about music and its affect on people,I still feel that it is still underestimated by those who would judge it as “not necessary” to the furtherance of life.Recently ,a pupil reflected that music has always been a part of her life she nice she was a little girl in one form or another,and she is now in her 80s.Yes,it has a power to find its way into our consciousness and it will enrich us.

Now,I don’t have any Jim Reeves,of Slim Whitman,or Hank Williams in my collection but that doesn’t stop these tunes from popping into my mind and I’m fine with that .So,I hope your fine with the music that pops into your head today too.

Thank you for your attention into my muse today.



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