As the green shots in my garden show signs of upward growth,I Marvell that these bulbs planted over 20years ago still shoot up every year.Though not a gardener,I love spring flowers,and I’m a bit of a kid in checking on their progress.Yes,the frost that we had in our Dorset town last night created another lovely of anxiety to me.Although these bulbs are not personalities,they are,nonetheless my garden friends,and they encourage me so very much with their flowers,and their blooms.

As colours lift me,I try to dwell in the floristry departments of supermarkets as just a little exposure to these natural colours can lift me .Now,I understand that flowers don’t have the elixir of life,but they have a calming influence on us all.

As my day progressed,I observed a municipal flower bed in my area,there I saw a display of crocus and poppies.They were so well tended,and they added that gorgeous conglomeration of colour.

So,my muse today has been all about colour,and the sheer presence of flora and fauna.
Thank you for your attention.



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