From Monet to Mozart and back again!

Today,the cold morning cries out for some Mozart,that Austrian prince who surveyed Europe as a boy,and conquered it in the 18th century.
Why,as a child prodigy,he fulfilled his extraordinary promise,to rise to heights of artistic excellence that are now echoed in the continents of all the concert halls in the world.So,on this Friday ,I have the joy of teaching Amadeus ,of revisiting his own iniquity genius,and of going back in order to move forward.

Why,just a week ago,I visited the National Gallery,soaking up those framed colours,those oils that didn’t pollute,but cleansed my soul,so to today,these sounds,these harmonies,these sensations harness me,groping my very soul into a scroll for living.

Where there is stupidity ,there is bigotry,where there is a lack of art,then there isn’t expression,their isn’t true life.

So,whatever you are doing today,whatever you feel you must do,find a small window to sing,to sketch,to paint,to draw,to photograph,to write,for in that pursuit you can truly be yourself among a very pigeoned holed many.

Have a lovely day ,all you who would express yourself in some small act of creativity.



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