Winter sights and sounds to stave off the blues!

From my window this morning,birds are flying over ,working,singing.As they do,they instill in me that their survival depends on activity.Sometimes in winter when the dawn light illuminates the sky just enough,it gives out that ethereal scene almost metaphysical in nature.

As I listen to music and observe these creatures,I feel a sense of gratitude to them,for in these moments,I get to thinking that life moves forward at its own pace,nature’s pace.”Sign your name across my heart”says the singer from another age,but I feel that sometimes that these animals have also signed their paws and beaks across my heart.

Living within the parimeters of the countryside alerts me to my privilege of my existence so to speak and I pinch myself when I think of it.For example,within minutes of my front door,I can access a beautiful forest,or be on the Jurassic coast within an hour.These are almost gifts beyond anything that many would ever hope to receive.So,I know and feel the scents and sight and sounds of the countryside this morning and as the birds I jest that “get up and get on mentality”,I get why this area of the country has become such a magnet to others as they seek to get out of the major population centres of the country.

At this time of the year,I feel a different acoustic in the forest,the vibrating sounds of frozen bracken snapping under my foot.With the leafless tress ,those sounds echo in my consciousness far more.Yes,winter in the countryside stimulates different senses,but it still holds that appeal to me and of course thousands of others who walk our forest paths at the weekend.Please ,if your able to access the forest if you have that on your doorstep ,please enjoy the sounds of the countryside.

Of course,the panacea to all the worlds ills isn’t contained within the corridors of the pastoral idylls of Dorset,but it surely lightens the emotional load,it cleanses our soul-a phrase I’m apt to use maybe too much-and gives us all space to meditate on what is more important,and ,of course,is pollution free.

So,my blog post today is my anthem to the countryside of my existence and my gratitude for it,for the sounds,smells,views and solace that it brings.

May I wish you a peaceful and happy Sunday.


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