My musical carpet bag!

As Mary Poppins would pull all sorts of things out of her carpet bag to encourage the children in her car,I wonder if I could have an imaginary musical carpet bag to pull tunes out of.You know,those pieces of music that enfuse,inspire,and just help us all to live life in a better way,or just to ease the wheels of life.

Sometimes,I find that music fills voids that words don’t for me,almost as if they act as an emotional ACAS between my mind and my heart so to speak.Today,a pupil of mine played a Chopin Nocturne and I just loved the flow so much,and I felt it heal me of the other stuff in the day.Earlier,I found the magnitude of Beethoven just awe inspiring,awakening in me an almost renaissance of interest in the late classical,early romantic era of music. Certain pieces give off an al oust mystical power,an energy almost akin to an electric charge as the sounds enter your mind and diffuse into a collage of make believe moments in an otherwise uneventful life.

Whatever our impression is,it’s strange in a way that the same piece of music can have differing affects on us as if we hear paradoxical compositions.This dichotomy has always intrigued me since I was a child and it seems to be music from the spectrum of genres that has the power to do this.While I understand that personal taste can,and does hold sway in our selections of favourite music,I feel that also our background,our parents,and our friends have all I flu eyed us in our choices too.

Now,returning to my musical carpet bag:Mine has certain compartments depending on the mood that I am in,and depending on my own particular mindset .There are days when I am almost exclusively listening to classical music from Bach to Boulez,with some Mozart,Haydn,Beethoven,Schubert in between too.When I’m in this mood,I have an endless supply of stunning music to capture and entice my senses,fuelling my imagination.Why,my love of this genre has been in existence since I was a small child,and I didn’t really know the names of the compositions or their compositions back then,but the detail came later.Really,the seed was the sounds,the pulse as it were.

On other days ,I have an eclectic variety of tunes in my carpet bag from Folk music,through to soul,progressive rock,and jazz music.Most of us ,if we had a musical carpet bag,would pull out of that bag at least one tune from these genres.In my case,I could have well over hundred or more tunes from the genres.Yes,I have my favourites,but my musical carpet bag does bulge with music.

If you have a musical carpet bag,what would you pull out of it?

Thank you .



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