Holiday Postcript!

As the waves from Kimmeridge danced their motion in the afternoon sun,I reflected that my holiday has all been about movement,from the movements of my body as it jogs along the beach,to the opening and closing of the shutter of the camera as it is expertly guided into expert shots of pastoral,landscape,and action scenes.

As the day said goodbye to the Isle of Purbeck,I thought just how lucky to live within such a short distance from some of the most beautiful scenery that. I have ever seen.Its like the vistas we’re talking to the people,even yesterday as storm Doris day did it’s worse and insisted that we sit up and pay attention.

The dogs were -and yes,I’m totally biased-so good,and their conjoined characters ,at times,melted me .There is something quite decadent-or foolish maybe-in eating ice-cream just before spring as if to say,I know the weather will improve soon,and that was also a great thing.Just being able to get to a place unto your own steam ,without the aid of the internal combustion engine really does things to my soul.That feeling that ,mi matter how bad things might be on the world scene,my life has so much to offer.As my impressions of this holiday are purely my musings,I make no polemic on the Isle of Purbeck,but ,rather,I say that it sucks us Homo sapiens in,it has ,after all,been the entertainer of dinosaurs in its distance past.

Sometimes,holidays all too easily get subsumed into our busy lives ,or they get compared with other favourite destinations which tend to take the shine off things.It struck me today that comparisons are seldom useful as they fail sometimes to factor in circumstances.For example,I might have a bit of a talent for music,and I might have developed that over my decades of life.However,another person might equally love music, however that person might not have had the same circumstances in life and comparing that person with myself isn’t fair ,or helpful.This,I feel also holds good with places where each has its own plus points and attractions.Ive tried to think like this in my life.

My holiday has also been marked by the lighting and maintenance of a log fire.As,like most people,I live in a centrally heated house ,so the thought of starting and keeping a wood burner going for the week meant quite a seed change for me.Its simplicity meant that I felt that I was doing something that was practical for me.There was a feeling that life was going back to basics and I quite liked it.

As for the whole week,the car basically stayed in its car parking space for most of the time,I felt that I had been affected by the landscape probably more than I had ever done.

My postscript will ,of course,have additions that I might add as the days come.

My wave watching days will never be over,and I am glad for it .


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