Is it time to Woman up!

Just a thought that I’m putting out there,if us men always complain -and I know I can-when we have a virus,then why do we say “Manup”,when we then call it “Manflu”?
Growing up with sisters,I learnt that you just got on with it,and I didn’t not remember the preponderance of cold and flu relief medicine that we are now bombarded with now.
I’m reasonably stoical,but I never remembered my sisters having a day off work ,they just carried on,and this was in stark choice ntrast to my step father who would spend periods when he seemed to be permanently on the sick.

Yes,the type of work does indeed impact on our ability to perform certain tasks,and my step father liked to portray himself as the “strongest man in the man”,a dubious crown indeed in retrospect.

So,my muse today as I am feeling sorry for myself with a virus ,”Manflu” or the like.
Maybe I should just Womanup!


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