Morning Light!

As the illumination ,the sight lines of real light start to take over the artificial,it seems like a change is in the air.When we are all preoccupied ,we don’t notice it,we don’t register it,but today,I have.From the window of the bungalow,I am affected by the light,even though the clouds exist in their structures,I can still live in the light.

When our day has some concept of light,all be it for a fraction of the day,then we feel a sense of direction,purpose,and movement.Sometimes,that movement might stall,but we are,at least,aware of our existence through the metaphysical light ,and we play with it through our moods.My moods can be affected by the light,and I reckon quite a few folk are similar.

So,as I sit here in repose as it were,I’m pleased for the early onset of spring light as it picks me up and with a gentle nudge,helps me to get into a forward gear to move.When we feel a certain forward momentum,then it can act as a restorative implant of positivity in us.If we have a lifting of mod,however slight,that can really help us to guard against a complete malaise .

Sometimes,as I have today,I wake up quite early at say 6,and I have a store of seascapes that I look at on my computer,and I look at them,and they shed colour into my mind.Yes,they are not a panecea,but the change of mood,projected in these scenes,helps me,at least.

So,this is my muse for today,and I am ever grateful for the ability and time to be able to post it.

This scene u derneath is from Watergate bay near Newquay in Cornwall and it is one of my go too scenes.

Thank you Kernowsmith.


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