That feeling I get when I know I should do something,but the effort to do it seems a mountain.Do you ever get that?You know,there are things that you have to do,but for some reason,you do another thing that seems more interesting to your u,and the important thing gets put to one side.Now,if your ur not that person,then this muse definitely isn’t for you,and y you might find it useful to do something else.

So,back to Moi,I was meant to be planning for a lesson that normally I have infinite patience for,and this pupil is always appreciative f my efforts but sometimes demands more than I am always able to give.So,this is what happens,these:”Couod you possibly simplify this tune for me  I’m sure that someone would th your talent could do that really quickly” becomes an undertaking that takes literally hours.So,that’s me now.Like you and everybody else,today’s favour has become tomorrow’s obligation and it’s now 10:45,and I’m due there in a few hours,but I’m writing about it rather than actually doing it.
The piece of music is from a film .Yes,it’s beautiful music but it’s for violin,and arranging it for Piano will be,from r me,at least,no small undertaking.

But,I hear you saying,that is your job,and you would be right,dear reader.So,I moan and groan,and look up Schindlers list on You Tube and try to find away of arranging it .
Oh ,did I mention that she rang me an hour ago.!!!!!,
   I’m becoming Kernowsmith “the grumpy old Piano teacher”


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