The Cloak!

From its resting place in the back of the sea caves at Towan,the cloak hung proud and true.Its owner,that nymph of Crantock,of the true line of mermaids drew strength from her sacrifices ,fore they were apart of her,her signature ,her Poseidon mark.When the waves battered her cave,the people retreated,left her with her duties and her reverences.As her god exacted penance for known abuses,and for deliberate infractions of the Poseidon code,Diana ,the mermaid of Crantock busied herself in her pursuit of her sacrificial portions that had to be delivered up before sundown.

Her life revolved around the tides and the moon and the sun,her existence was owed to these states.Her thoughts were of devotion and an almost mystical world surrounded her.Humans who had sittings of her painted a romantic picture of her beauty,one of blissful innocence,but Diana was beyond human definition and human constraints as her life revolved around her duties to Poseidon,her breath was tied into a chain that linked them both together.She knew that there were other mermaids scattered around the globe,each with there distinct placement along the hinterlands of each part of the globe.Her place was on the North Atlantic coast of Britain,and she was queen of all she surveyed.

Her watch tonight was heightened as it was the high spring tide,and vigilance was needed as even for a mermaid,the sea at this time could be perilous.She respected the sea and revered those who had been given up to Poseidon in the quest for the ultimate grace that was his blessing.

As the waves grew in intensity,and as the noise levels created a sound like explosions,she used her senses to stay alert,Her laser eyes,those green orbs that spied the coast and acted as her lookout,her ears of sonic understanding transmitted her alertness to the end of her tail,She was there ,in her cave,she was being buffetted,and crashed,assaulted by wave after wave without pause ,let alone respite.Her grip on the storm was tenuous,to such an extent that she momentarily closed her eyes as if to escape the visual nature of the place.It was as if hades had come knocking,as if Gehenna had given her up.

Whatever had fully occurred,she knew not,but the storm ,and with it the morning light had appeared,and she felt that her cave had rescued ,saved and protected her and she was safe once again until the menacing high tide appeared again to claim perhaps another trophy,another victim of the cruel sea.


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