Who do Mermaids swim with?

So,do Mermaids really swim with sharks?Do they,as folklore would say,covort with the great white?Swimming around Towan in the darkness and with the waves rising by the minute,Diana surveyed the cave entrance,looking out to sea and swimming by the aperture of the cave.She looked into the abyss of darkness,she was conjoined to this ocean,and the great white was the pride and joy of Poseidon,and truly the gatekeeper to the great secrets of the deep.

Swimming in the ocean,even in the rip tides posed no problem to Diana ,and if the great white was there tonight,then she would swim on top of his dorsal Finn.She would be reunited after years while the great white ventured to other seas as the living co queror of the dee

Life for Diana would be complete if this reunion could happen tonight,and she was there ,and ready.As the stars illuminated the foreshore,Diana ignited her full spectrum of movement as if in a panic to attract the great king of the ocean.
Would he arrive tonight,were the dolphins right,were the Porposis who had made so much fuss about it,would they be proved right?

Time would tell,and Poseidon held the keys to all the travels of the great white,and to us as mere humans,these clandestine voyages of the great white were all monitored by Poseidon.


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