To shop with music or not:That is an enigma!

Well,I know that they are opening new stores every week up and down the country,but in the new forest district of Ringwood,it’s not every day they opened a new supermarket ,and it’s a novel experience for the towns residents.

If parking marshalls were anything to go buy,it was going to be busy in the store.This particular branch had a great deal more floor space than their store in neighbouring Ferndown ,although that branch has been opened for a number of years now.

With the onset of cheaper food prices and brands that look different to my eye at least,the novelty hasn’t,as yet,wore off with the towns population.Its funny how a town with two top brand supermarkets can accommodate another,all be it with the reputation for inexpensive targeted brands.

One of my observations from shopping today was that the store operates a policy of no background music,which is not the case with others.Could it be that they feel that music doesn’t co tribute that much to the overall atmosphere of the shopping experience.

Earlier today,I visited a shopping centre in a Southern city where in every store there was background music of some description from Indy Soul,to Brit Pop,light classical and techno pop.Now,this fascinates me to be honest,and I wondered how the company chooses its music ,and wether there is a definite method in their choices,or is it a random exercise.My fascination for background music or the lack of it in stores derides from the fact that I really want to make it foreground music when I hear it and it’s my default .Yes,when I’m with my family,I try with a sort of half hearted jester to concentrate on what is being said,but my mind is really always on the music,and my straining my ears to hear it.Now,I would imagine that retailers wouldn’t really pitch their music in store for people like me because I’m not the sort of person who buys that much,but I get the pulses of happy music,those feet begin to tap,the whistling starts,and the La la la la la …….vocals come out when it’s a tune that I love or like the sound of.Mow,during this process ,I could see myself being tempted to part with my cash.

Now,there is a shop that I entered today that temped me without any music,and that was the outlet chocolate shop with their naughty sweet temptations.Yes,to be franks ,if they had the Smurfs on repeat ,I still would have salivated over their top confectionary,but,I’m pleased to say that I didn’t buy anything.

I’m now reflecting on the music in stores and wether it does have any affect on sales.Well,at least one European supermarket doesn’t think so.If ,indeed,music in stores does attract a certain clientele,then it did seem that certain brand labels today use music and particular genres to compliment their merchandise.

Now,to me,because I’m a little odd ,or just plain nosey,this is quite fascinating,as is the whole shopping experience we get and maybe why we put such store on good service as well as the goods themselves.

My muse today has been ,Yes about music,but it’s use in the high street and its place in our “love to shop society”.

Thank you for indulging me in this excursion into the melody malls,and beat precincts of the South today.



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