The Folly of comparisons!

This morning,I went on a run,well more like a shuffle really as I’m trying to build my jogging up.So,I limber up,with a few choice stretches and the likes,and then I set off.In my Dorset town,there are quite a few very active folk,each probably with their preferred activity routine,and each carrying their bottle of water and monitors strapped to their upper arms.

Now,as you would understand,I’ve had quite a few decades of inactivity under my belt,so my pace as I left my front door and across my driveway was marginally faster than a snail.As I intended to be out for at least 5 kilometres,I knew that I had cause to pace myself,as the route that I had planned had,for me,quite a few stiff gradients.About a minute into my shuffle-not to be confused with the Ali shuffle,more the Cornish Pleb shuffle-I was passed by a young women as if I were standing still.Now,for a nano second,and as if to relive my school sprinting days,I had an urge to try and catch her up,but that dream quickly receded into a nightmare ,as I realised that I couldn’t augment my shuffle speed at all.

If I was to reach my personal shuffle goal today,I knew that I just had to forget about my hopeless in ability to compete with this Athlete,and concentrate on my jogging.As my mind started to replay memories of the 60 yard dash at India an Queens Primary in 1972,of the inter schools event at Nanpean of the same year,I realised that my competing days were long since gone.Yes,gone are the days,when I could seriously get a head of speed,feeling the wind in my sails ,and the smell of the lush mown grass in my nostrils as I ran for my life ,so to speak.No,today,it was more,shuffling along to postpone Gods waiting room,or pretend to.Either way,I needed to do my own stuff.

As I thought about my own stuff,I realised that a few months ago,I had major bowel surgery,and I knew that I had shelled from my walking,and Diet Coke shuffling,over 3stones,and my thoughts about myself changed from feeling that I was just old,to the thought that I had done extremely well to be shuffling along the Ringwood Road at all.Did it really matter that I was the slowest shuffle ,let along jogger out there today?No,it didn’t,and what is more,the fact that I was out there at all was a victory to me.

So,comparisons you see are never healthy.For just as I dsaid not know the battles that the young women who raced past me this morning faces each day,wether with life,career,emotional worries,or anything really,so she isn’t aware of my battles with a life long addition to chocolate and anything that I could consume that is processed.

We never fully know what each human faces each day,so let’s cut each other some slack.Whatever exercise you can do without it affecting your health,then well done to you.
Thank you for your attention to my darling blog


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