“Music doesn’t have a sell by date”

Sometimes,just sometimes,I have to reflect of how I’ve played certain phrases,and on their emotional affect on me in Ryder to teach music with any real conviction.This is something that has been on my mind for the past hour as I prepare for my students today.Although I might feel I get what he S being communicated in the score,that isn’t enough really to be sure.Self doubt ,although in spadefulls isn’t an option,when it is in moderation ,enables me to look at the piece in a different way.

So,after an hour or more of study,I feel that I’ve made a slight refinement and it is to me that when I work wth young people ,it isn’t enough to say that this Trumpet concerto is great ,you have to express that in a language that they can deal with.Although as musicians,we teach music that may be centuries old,if we can translate its energy to our students,it can be like the fact that the music is here with us now in the same space ,in the same moment as when it was first penned.For example,the Hummel Trumpet concerto has an energy ,a pulse,a joy of the spirit that it’s phrasing,when played well,leaves us with such a life buzz.Honestly,the Piano part that I rehearsed over the past month or so,and in my head this morning,just is so uplifting,and when the Trumpet sounds it’s like a blaze of colour that simply feeds our soul.

On the page,it seems like so many notes,so much stuff to get down,but when we understand it’s interrelationship to the best there phrases,it becomes such an intense piece .Many years ago,my son ,before he did vocal studies,played the Hummel too,and I have fond memories of him rehearsing it at our home here.This music is part of my family heritage,and although that was well over 10 years ago,it is still fresh in my mind.It shows to me ,at least,that great music doesn’t have a sell by date.You know,we are constantly alerted to sell by dates,and I pick an item up in the supermarket and subconsciously,I’m looking at the sell by date to check when they say it should be consumed by.Truly,great music can be over 500 years old and if the artist connects well it,it can sound as fresh and as interesting as it did when it was first performed.

So,this has been me ,and it is my muse for today.So,never worry about the sell by date of truly great music.
Thank you.


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