“Out and about in a quiet Dorset town”!

“Run for your life!” Now that was how I would often view running as a pre-teen,and the sheer exhilaration of sprinting was such a joy to me back then.As the connected of legs and stride pattern to the rest of my torso seemed effortless,I have to talk to myself and realise that I’m not eleven or twelve anymore.

It’s true though what folk say that as you get older ,you don’t feel the passing of the years in your head,and it’s only when you engage in maybe some form of physical exercise that you start to realise that the years appreciably have their affect on you.

So,today,my shuffle around the Dorset village/aTown that I lived took on a far more leisurely pace.It took me along familiar roads ,passed the local amenities that we all need,but also as the onset of spring is al,it’s upon us,it enabled me to take in the scents of variety us flowers and scrubs that ,although I can’t give you a name for,nonetheless give me so much pleasure.As I shuffled around the town,there were a number of folk out and about who I recognised from a previous attempt early this week.This familiarity was somehow comforting,giving me a sense of belonging and it is good to see people again and that pulse of existence is always positive to me.

As I progressed on my shuffle,as if it were by chance,I could feel the light of the day,the blue sky above,the birds rehearsing their little figures to be developed into phrases the will one day be a finished melody.These songs that I have me,irised in my mind and then using the metronome I have tracked their tempo to be able to slow it down to a pace that I can assimilate.Unlike other joggers-those are aren’t playing games-I don’t have head phones in while I’m shuffling along as I like to hear the different sounds in my environment.Yes,it’s. Rey true,that the place where I was jogging is quite quiet,so you are not distracted by that much exterior noise.

While I’m not that competitive ,I was surprised to see myself checking to see if I had quickened my pace along the same route that I had done on the previous outing.As has been said to me ,and this is salient,these are baby steps for me,and I was pleased that I was able to jog for the entire time,and not stop at all.

As I observed people going about their daily business ,I realised that life is a gift,that you have to treasure it,because you never know really wether your life will change for some reason,and it’s important to enjoy each day you have ,and be a force for good in other people lives if at all possible.

This is my blog for today and I am touched my those who take time out of their busy day to read it.

Thank you.



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