Ode to Spring flowers!

As this month of March moves onward,I find that each day seems to usher the appearance of more buds on trees,more flowers in bloom and just the feeling of rebirth.Its a very positive feeling of blissful observance,that I wonder what the forthcoming week will bring.

There is a cherry tree in our garden that blooms in late spring,but already I’m wondering when it will make it’s glorious us appearance as my timelines are rather confused.Like the appearance in the Crufts best of breed ,they all have their wonderful qualities these trees,and the memorable displays transfer me from the depressing affects of winter to the delights botanical renaissance.If ever I doubted this beauty in nature,it takes a few seconds of consciousness in the morning to dismiss these thoughts.

My whole awareness of scents and colours are,in a way,tied up in my growing appreciation for the natural wonders of my surroundings.These colours these yellow Daffodils,these blue Crocuses,and Pure White Snowdrops bathes me in their radiance .Their auras are spellbinding,giving off a magnetic charm to life,to brightness,to patterns of existence that are organic on the one hand,and stable on the other.

So,now,I reflect on these plants,these trees,these flowers,and I’m grateful that ,at last,I’m appreciating them for what they are,the true gems of life.When added together,they add a huge flavour to out lives that man made things just can’t do.

So,I wanted to advertise these Spring gems to anyone who might be interested in them.Underneath ,I’m posting one of my Photos of some snowdrops in my garden here in Dorset.


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