My Micro-Spring moment!

Today,the sky in my Dorset town seems to have a sheen to it,and I almost feel that ,getting up at 5:30 was a great thing.Yes,I was half asleep,bleary eyed,but as my brain with the messages from my eye,I felt that feeling ,you know,”it’s great to be alive”one ,and I felt it in my gut.

Today,I want to highlight that yes,from the media,the news is always bad,or seems so,but life for most of us,has its highlights,its enduring plus points and it’s triggers of joy.So,when I look out of my bedroom window,and I see “The Ribbon in the Sky”that is surely a wonderful thing to witness be sensitive to,to garner strength from in amidst so much that might not be that good in life,

Whenever we allow just a micro time period to permeate into our consciousness,you know,something “other worldly” as such,that truly can be an aid ,a positive,a “safe place” for us to inhabit.

Spring allows us to feel a furtherance of magnetism with nature,we commune with it as it were,we allow ourselves to be refreshed ,consoled,and even to be emboldened.When the sheer glow of Daffoldil Yellow kind of speaks to us,and the Crocus bulbs show their display that defies other so called plastic beauties ,then we are at one with it and in a better place if only for a micro period.As our busy lives dictate that we must always be “contactable”,it is incumbent that we find sometime for “me” and that enables us to be better people in the long run.

Now,wether you think my words are salient,or you think that they are just balmy old Kac,they are written in sincerity on this wonderful spring day here in Dorset.

So,I hope that you have a great day.



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