Vernon’ s Turmoils hit home!

As the days went by,Vernon wondered why Morwena was so so morose.She just didn’t seem to want to go out,to do anyThing.She just was in a very dark place.Vernon tried so hard to communicate to her,but he just couldn’t get through to her.In his world,still births were part of every mining family’s lot in life,it was just the way it was round here.There wasn’t a family in the terrace that wasn’t affected by it as far as he was concerned.

What with the pressures down the mine as regards safety,and the price of Tin was now at rock bottom with so much of the minerals flooding the market,he began to feel quite sullen himself,and lately ,the men were increasingly distant from him.He had the mine in his blood so to speak,it was all he had ever known in life.But to Morwena,the mine meant pain and suffering,she hated it.It had taken her Pa,and it had taken her soul.Vernon knew that Morwena wasn’t happy,but he didn’t know what to do to help her.

Vernon Had felt that Morwena had mourned long enough,but she would have non of it,insisting on retreating into herself.He wanted to ask abuse us the child:”Did he have his eyes,”the blue orbs of the Penpraise clan,and the high forehead,so distinctive and impressive,but he wasn’t sure of her reaction to him.Time seemed to standstill and this mourning period seemed worse the when queen Victoria had lost Albert.To say thatVernon  was at a lost as to what to do was an understatement,and his remark about  trying for another was greeted with a look of utter distain.

Sometimes,he felt that life ,the ordered routine that had stood him in such stead was deserting him now,and he honestly thought that his luck had run out.For such brief periods,he had hoped to be a father,a proud one at that.He questioned himself abut the whole thing:”Why did you not tell me Morwena that you was with child”.This,and many questions plagued him,and he knee that sooner of later,he would have to speak to Morwena about it,but he would have to choose his moment,and choose carefully.


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