Saturday Cloud Cover!

I remember when I was a preteen in Cornwall and there were days like today.You know,those dark cloud days when it was either raining ,or threatening to rain.Well,today,in the Dorset town where I now reside,the clouds are dense at the moment and it brought back that Saturday morning when my sisters would stay in bed as they had been up all week working as machinists in a knitting factory.These were a cross between labour intensive and a technical skill,and they were very hard workers,all of them.

So,on Saturday,they would have a well deserved lie in.As the time would approach when I needed to get up to get to my lessons in Newquay ,I noticed the quietness in our council house where normally ,the sounds of shoes being put on,the singing of various pop songs from the four corners of the house rung out like a cultural,I used to miss that sound ,that frenzied activity as I have always mistrusted silences or atmospheres.

This sound bite of time of a Saturday only lasted for a while looking back,but it’s though they have been locked away in my conscious mind and it has appeared today as I made a cup of tea at 6:30 ,and looked outside and viewed the clouds ,and their thickness,for want of a better word.

Our council that we lived in at St Coloumb Rd was a large house .It was constructed from a similar method as the Prefab that were so popular in the big cities of Britain following the Second World War.These houses were called affectionately ,Cornish units,and my sisters would often comment on just how cold and drafty they were and as soon as their dressmaking skills became Hines,they were forever making cloths for themselves to mimic the styles that they observed in the catalogues of the day.

It’s funny what we remember,and this muse today has come about just because of the dark clouds above.Why,as I write this,it’s almost 7:30 in the morning and the sky appears to be slightly brighter,and my dogs are looking towards their breakfast with those eyes of theirs.Looking up to the sky I can still hear the voice of my eldest sister with her rich Cornish accent :”Here Adrian,makes us  cup of tea My amsome”,and I still miss her demonstrative personality.

I hope that the clouds don’t affect us too much today.

So,back to the muse,here is a picture of the beach that I used to walk too after my lessons of a Saturday.


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