Morwena had drifted through the darkness of her life since the stillbirth of her son.As her life seemed to be on a Collision course with disaster,she wondered where it would all end.Five years ago,her life seemed far less complicated,it was as if she might put off the destiny that was held out to miner’s daughters.But that was before the meeting,the interchanges the intimate moments that now were gone,and the only heritage that she could ever have had from those times was buried in the cemetery last week.

This darkness was as much fuelled by her inability to talk,to confide,to be understood.Vernon had struggled too ,but he had hi family,and their way of dealing with this was to replace the loss,but she couldn’t entertain that ,as it would ,in her opinion,eradicate her son,Pierre’s son.She left the house work ,she didn’t clean,she just didn’t care anymore.

Now,as the days melted away in the dust of the air,like the arsenic,that by-product of the mine,it was poisoning her to death,and she needed to escape,and she just ached to run away.There were well meaning members f the Penpraise family ,but their solution was to never talk about feelings,never acknowledge the needs of the womenfolk in the community.Morwena wasn’t about to just give birth to another child ,she would mourn the death of her son,Pierre’s son.


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