Springing into action!

As the countryside blooms at the onset of early spring,the days take on a more vibrant nature.From my window here in the bungalow that I live,the spring trees are starting to dress the garden,giving it organic energy.My eyes loved the colours of these flowers today,and I found their presence so very pleasing.

Although I have a very limited knowledge of trees and flowers,I love the sheer breathe of colours that endure us,energise us,and injects  a positivity to my life.These colours engage me ,and as I get older,these wonderful colours actually affect me even more.

Of course,there are man made colours as it were and they have an important part to play in how we receive information and how we relate to the world we live in.However,these wonderful spring flowers,and colours affect us profoundly and they draw us closer to the Earth in which we live.



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