Blue sky overhead!

As the aqua sky above me unite with the songs of the birds in my garden,I opened my eyes to a new day.As each new day heralds potential and that unique newness on our pathway of life,I hope to find ways of enjoying the simple charms my environment affords me.When the wild animals and birds go about their daily life,little do they know that they give us humans such comfort and periods of reflection.Those periods,short as they are,are truly vital in order to help us recharge from the frantic activity of life.

When the sky is this deep blue colour,I don’t need memories,I don’t need pictures from pictures from the internet,I capture the moment that is this sky,this time,this Saturday,this time,this positive injection of colour.By way of a memory though,I always used to feel that my sisters were such good examples of industry and effort,that,as a young boy,they would encourage me to work harder at my music,even when I would far prefer to just hang out at Fistral,or Porthole and Towan,my favourite Newquay beaches.Those times when I would walk from one end of the town from Porthole through Lusty,Tolcarne and Towan,around the Harbour and up past the Atlantic hotel to Fistral.Back then,Fistral wasn’t a surfing centre like today,it had the two hotels,the Atlantic and the Headland,and they stood out as beacons for the well to do to holiday .As a teenager,if I caught the tide right,I could run from Porth to Fistral,and although I lived about 8 miles from Newquay in a Pre-fab council house,or Cornish unit as it was affectionately called,I could easily get out of the house and soak up the Atlantic Ocean.

That rather long memory came about because of the aqua Blue above me this morning,and although my Dorset town is far removed from Newquay it is still a forest across the way,it has the new Forest less than 6 miles away,and the Jurassic coast too ,with its world renowned Purbeck hills.So,really,there are so many scenes of natural beauty that makes me feel truly lucky to have life and to live on the Earth that provides me with everything that I could need and want.

As the suns reflections are captured in my memories of wonderful waves from my childhood,so the sun reflects on the trees in the forest,in the spring flowers that grace the municipal parks and the road sides.Soon,the spring flowers will be over,and we await the Cherry tree blossoms that decorate many front gardens.Like opera divas,like living Carmens,they excite us with their pinks,and their assuredly and confidence in themselves helps us to grow in confidence as it were.

So,my blog post today came from my first awakening of colour,of soft ,meolodious bird song,it drew me back to the coast of Newquay,and to the present beauty that is my Dorset surroundings.Whatever else happens today,I’m glad that I recorded this moment ,this time ,this memory,and as the time moves towards 7,I think of my sisters wanting me to work hard at my music and not to spend all day dreaming,Well,I’m still a dreamer but with a bit of music added in to spice up my life.There are blue chords,blue melodies,blue songs,blue guitars,blue violins and cellos.In fact,blue is quite a wonderful colour ,well,that’s my take on it.


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